13 Bloodlines

There are thirteen family bloodlines throughout the world that are trying to run governments and take over our world. These bloodlines date back many years. Some names you will recognize immediately, others you may not have heard of. I am going to be giving you detailed information in the posts that follow, to give you a broader understanding of who is really in control here.

I am going to start with the most recognizable names in the list and work my way down through the list. I do hope the information in these posts helps you see who these people are, where they come from, and what their agenda is.

Before I begin, I would like to pray over you reading these posts for discernment and understanding. Heavenly Father open our hearts to your message, and give us understanding and wisdom to know who we are fighting against in this holy war being waged upon your people. Let those who do not know you, find you and bring them into the flock. Father, give us a spirit of boldness to go forth and share the message of the gospel and prepare others for the coming disasters. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

So the first family name I am going to share with you is:



By now, you should be familiar with the name Rockefeller. The Rockefeller name is associated with the Rockefeller Center in New York. John D. Rockefeller was the founder of Standard Oil Company (1870 est.) John entered into the oil business in 1863, investing in a refinery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rockefeller, according to critics, was engaging in unethical practices to eliminate any competitors to gain a monopoly in the industry. John was one of the richest men in America at one time, and one of the first major business tycoons.

In 2016, the Rockefeller’s were worth an estimated $392 billion US dollars. John is the founder of three universities including the University of Chicago, Rockefeller University, and Central Philippine University. He also founded the General Board of Education, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

His last 40 years were spent as a philanthropist, creating foundations that had a major effect on education, scientific research, and medicine. He was famously quoted as saying, “The growth of a large business is merely a survival of the fittest.”

According to Compton’s Encyclopedia (vol. 20, p. 249), John D. Rockefeller Jr. was born in 1874 and died in 1960 and was the only heir to the Rockefeller fortune. John Jr. was the financier for the Rockefeller Center. He also made large contributions to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and the Museum of Modern Art.

With an understanding of how our education system began, we now know where the lies began. We have been conditioned to believe that the world we live on is a ball and it is going through space at a speed of 600,00o mph (approx.), spinning around at up to 1,040 mph, all while the stars in the sky never move! HA!!! The bible plainly tells us what the world looks like. We live on a flat, stationary earth, and this can be proven by looking into your bible and the non-canonized books of the bible. Please do your research, and do not be deceived.

I will end this post with saying that I pray God opens your hearts and minds to what is real and what the world has instilled in you. You have been indoctrinated to the views of those who worship Satan and his followers. The next family I am going to post on will be the Rothchild’s. Hopefully when this series is complete, you will have a full understanding of the satanic world we live in.

God bless you and yours!



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