Stopping for a breath



I wanted to take some time today to just say thank you for being you. It is important to remember who you are and what you stand for, especially in times such as these that we are living in. Don’t ever stop believing that you are special, and God made you to be the person you are. As we go through life we learn many things that maybe we wish we hadn’t, but those lessons whether good or bad were given for a reason. Looking back on our lives we learn to decipher which lessons we need to toss aside and which ones to hold close to our hearts. We are not perfect and must remember that we were born into sin. Once we accept this reality, we are able to learn from past mistakes and change our points of view from there on.

God gave His perfect and one and only son to die a horrible death via crucifixion so that we could be saved and live with Him eternally. Do not let others dictate who you are and how you feel, but always pray for others that they may find peace, love, and understanding through Christ’s perfect sacrifice for us. We all fall short of God’s glory because of sin, but we do have a choice. We can choose to love, honor, and obey God, or we can choose to continue living in sin. God gave us the ability to make our own choice and I am not here to tell you which way you should go, but rather help you find the path to God and His grace. He loves YOU!! God Loves YOU!! Wow! That is quite a concept to know. He does not want any of His children to suffer the terrible fate of separation from Him, but we can make the choice to Love Him the way that He first loved us.

God knows your struggles and the things that we love and care about, and reaching out to Him does not make us weak….reaching out to God and accepting His love, guidance, and understanding is a true testament to how we feel about Him and His perfect and beautiful son, Jesus Christ. Accepting Jesus as your savior can change your life into a miracle. Search your heart today and listen, because He is talking to you and reaching out to you to find your way back to Him. He does not want any of His children to die, but to always love you!!

God bless and keep you always!!



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  1. I wrote a song influenced by Lent…take a look if you fancy it…


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