The Truth Movement (updated)


The Truth Movement


I have noticed more and more people banning together to bring the truth to the world. For me, that is an awesome thing to see, but as I watch the different truthers attack each other it breaks my heart. We have so much more to be concerned about than to be worrying about who is posting what on YouTube or posting what on Twitter, or Facebook. We are living in prophetic times and God should be celebrated by sharing Him with the world.

I would like to see them all working together to bring truth. If your truth is teaching others about the Illuminati and what is going on in that part of the world, that is great. But it would be nice to hear some more of you talking about the real message we are to bring the world and that is TRUTH that JESUS CHRIST died for your sins. That JESUS CHRIST is the only way you can receive eternal life. HE (Jesus) died for your sin!! He Is our REDEEMER, the giver of GRACE and THE HOLY SPIRIT!! And HE is coming back and if you aren’t ready, you should evaluate your life and figure out what is more important to you. Is your earthly life and worldly way of living more important to you? Or are you preparing yourself to live eternally with Jesus or in eternal torment with satan, the master of darkness?

KJ Ozborne from the YouTube channel TheScariestMovieEver has a show, usually once a week on Saturday nights where he will sometimes speak to the listeners personally, and other times he has guest speakers. He keeps you up to date with things going on in the news, talks something he has been researching, and other things. His show is a great way to mellow out on a Saturday night and let your spirit heal from the week behind.   I also enjoy watching DAHBOO777 channels. He gives you a lot of informative information about geological occurrences, weather anomalies, etc. There are a few others you can check out that give you about the same type of information as the first two I mentioned, but sometimes in greater detail, or possibly clips of happenings around the world. My recommended channels so far are:


KJ Ozborne


The Leak Project (If you have not watched this one, I would suggest watching it first. It goes into detail the information about the tribulation and where we possibly are in the timeline). With everything I have seen going on in this world today, this one seems to be dead on with approximate dates and such. )

And a few others that give you honest news in this world full of chaos:

Freedom Fighter Times

Face Like The Sun

Icelandic Watchman

Jeff P

And jrliberty are all good channels and have loads of information. Eventually, I will be adding more to the list as I find informative channels that pertain to world events and end time prophecies. I will let you know that not everything on every channel do I believe, and many of the channels I am subscribed to will tell you the same thing. Just because there is something on the internet does not make it true, search your heart, and pray on all things for discernment, that God will show you what to believe and what to take with a grain of salt.

I will be praying for you and asking for you to receive His Holy Spirit in these perilous, but wonderful end times.

God bless you all and keep you!




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